It is the policy of USA Rugby that each Collegiate Conference and Collegiate Club conform to the minimum standards of Collegiate Eligibility rules as set forth by USA Rugby . . . see USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations . . .


To ensure verification of the eligibility of Collegiate Rugby Players for the annual Championships, as defined by USA Rugby, we ask your assistance in completing the attached Player Eligibility Form (PEF).  Please contact the Conference Commissioner, Shawn A. McKinney, or call him at 618-829-3806 if you have any questions.  You may also contact USA Rugby directly to the attention of:  Justin Holshuh, or call 720-508-8006 . . .


When presented to the University Registrar by the Club, the PEF should contain only the following:




Player names in alphabetical order . . .




Player signatures authorizing the release of their enrollment information and status . . .




Player student ID Numbers . . .




Player USA Rugby CIPP Numbers, i.e., USA Rugby Member ID . . .


Illegible forms will not be accepted.  Any field that the University is unwilling to complete should be crossed out in permanent marker.


Note that the Club is required to provide this information regardless of the Universityís ability or willingness to complete this form, and the Club may need assistance in finding additional avenues for obtaining the information requested herein.



A Note to Club Administrators and Coaches:



The Player Eligibility Form (PEF) should be kept in the Club Administratorís match-day notebook at all times.  Properly completed PEFs may exonerate a player in the event of an eligibility challenge.  Clubs that select student-athletes to match or event rosters without first verifying their eligibility risk victories being vacated, forfeiture of a playoff seed, and possible sanction.




This form should be submitted to the Registrar and/or updated:





Prior to the start of Conference/League play, and/or . . .





Three weeks after the beginning of a new semester or quarter during competition, and/or . . .





In advance or anticipation of playoff competition.




Clubs should be ready and willing to re-submit the PEF upon request of an opponent or Conference/League.  Clubs are expected to be aware of any mid-season changes to player eligibility, including but not limited to change in enrollment, full-time status, and standing with the institution.




If the institution is unwilling or unable to complete the PEF or provide the information confirmed by its contents, the Club is expected to have documentation containing such information at all times.  Such documentation may include:





Student Enrollment Verification Forms, or, if unavailable . . .





Official transcripts . . . University and/or High School, if applicable.




Upon receipt of eligibility information, i.e., the PEF, the Club should make copies for itself and submit the PEF to its Conference/League Administrator.  The PEF does not need to be received by USA Rugby unless the Club qualifies for the USA Rugby National Championship Playoff.




Players ruled ineligible by the PEF, but wishing to compete under the Grandfather Clause must fill out the Grandfather Clause Collegiate Player Eligibility Form, and submit it for review to their Clubís Collegiate Conference.  The Grandfather Clause only allows students who competed as Registered Collegiate Members of USA Rugby in the 2011-2012 competitive cycle to participate strictly 'within five (5) years of the moment the player first enrolled in a University, College, or Junior College, regardless of when the player started playing Rugby, or had the ability to start playing Collegiate Rugby.  Any College Courses that are taken during High School do not start the eligibility clock', i.e., USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations 4.3 Addendum.  Collegiate Registration during the 2011-2012 membership cycle continues to be a prerequisite for Grandfather Clause Eligibility.  Participation under the Grandfather Clause requires not only a waiver of eligibility, but also a complete, signed, and sealed Grandfather Clause Collegiate Player Eligibility Form.


At the time of competition, any Collegiate Player may be required to:





Present a current Student or Military ID Card, and a photo ID, if Student or Military ID is not a photo ID.





Present verification of CIPP Registration/Enrollment, i.e., USA Rugby Certified Club Roster.





Present a signed USA Rugby Waiver and Release Form


A Note to the Registrar:



USA Rugby and your institutionís Rugby program seek your assistance in verification of Student Athlete Eligibility.  We ask for your support in the interest of fairness and competition integrity.  It is common for definitions, practices, and privacy policies to vary between institutions.  Please complete the PEF to the best of your ability with respect to appropriate regulations.  On behalf of USA Rugby, we thank you for your time and consideration.  Feel free to direct questions to USA Rugby's Justin Holshuh, or via phone, 720-508-8006, or consult the USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations, at your convenience.


The Collegiate Player Eligibility Form explained by column:



Column 1:

Student Name . . .



Column 2:

Student Signature . . . that is required for release of enrollment status and information . . .



Column 3:

Student ID# . . .



Column 4:

USA Rugby CIPP (or Member ID) Number . . .



Column 5:

Date of Birth . . .



Column 6:

High School Graduation Date . . .



Column 7:

Is the student enrolled full-time?  Is the student carrying a full course load as defined by your school?  Any exception requires a confirmation letter from the Registrar*.



Column 8:

Is the student an undergraduate?  To be eligible the student must be an undergraduate pursuing his/her first undergraduate degree.  Any exception requires a confirmation letter from the Registrar*.



Column 9:

Is the student in Good Standing?  Is the student in Good Standing as defined by the Registrarís office?  The Registrarís definition will trump any other definition maintained by the University.  








NOTE: Students not in Good Standing with the University should be struck through . . . an example of that is to strike through, strike through, with a permanent marker.



The exceptions referenced in Column 7 and 8 above, with an asterisk (*), are detailed on For The Registrar's Office page under numeral 2 . . .