USA Rugby Collegiate Eligibility Rules must be met as defined in Section 4 of the USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations which are, but not limited to:



The student athlete must be a registered member of USA Rugby, and in good standing with her University.



The student athlete must be enrolled full-time, as defined by the University, and an undergraduate student seeking her first Bachelor's degree.  Exceptions:




A student athlete within the final two undergraduate Academic Terms may carry less than a full-time academic load and still maintain eligibility.  This is only permitted if the student athlete is a graduating senior and a letter from the Registrar confirming such status is obtained.




A student athlete may maintain eligibility after completing/receiving an undergraduate degree if that student athlete is enrolled full time in post graduate studies, graduate school or pursuance of an additional Bachelorís Degree, provided the student athlete is attending the same or a different institution from that issuing the Baccalaureate Degree, AND provided the student athlete still falls within all other Collegiate Eligibility Standards, AND received her Baccalaureate Degree from an institution in the United States, AND is in Good Standing with USA Rugby and with the institution.




A student athlete competing for an institution utilizing the quarter system is eligible through the National Championships of that Academic Year if she graduated at the end of the winter quarter.  This requires a letter from the Registrar confirming such status.



The student athlete must play on the Club/Team representing the school in which she is enrolled.



Every student athlete has five (5) years of collegiate eligibility that must fall within a seven year window immediately following high school graduation or the graduation date of a studentís class, determined by first year of high school enrollment, or based on the prescribed educational path in the student athleteís country.

For any questions about these Eligibility Regulations contact the Commissioner of the Illinois Collegiate Women's Rugby Conference by e-mail to Shawn A. McKinney, or call him at 618-829-3806, or by e-mail to USA Rugby's Justin Holshuh, or via phone, 720-508-8006, or consult the USA Rugby Eligibility web page . . .